1. Slim Edge Design with Low Profile
  2. Option for installation without enclosure
  3. Spring clip installation
  4. High quality ABS enclosure with optional FR grade


CS610 Ceiling Speaker :

The all new with slim edge profile CS610 is now available, thus replacing the long running CS610A. Made with high quality ABS with solid back enclosure and improved driver, it is made to deliver clarity of voice and music alike. The innovative spring clip mounting mechanism enables smooth work in installation. Bare back ( non enclosure ) version is also available upon request. Find out more …


iPX5155 Ethernet BGM / Paging Client :

The Music / Paging client has been reformed with greater flexibility and added features, without added cost !.  
Among updates are :

- Direct source client to destination client audio streaming, allowing continuous broadcast from one point to others while keeping general paging option open.

- Simultaneous paging within network is now allowed.

- Streaming latency is reduced to 70 ms.

- Option to broadcast audio quality to optimise network bandwidth usage.


Updates for firmware and webpage setting is now available for iPX5101 and iPX5155.
Find out more …


LS4808 / LS4816 :

Speaker line monitoring units from Amperes has been further enhanced with the introduction of these two totally new models. LS4806 is an 8 channels version while LS4816 is 16 channels. With its new processor and measurement algorithm, they are now able to perform tasks faster with better accuracy than before. Setting up has also been much simplified for ease of installation. Find More....



MatriMix MxP2288 :

It shall replace the long running MxP2188, with value added features that would outrun other similar products in its class. MxP2288 is network ready, providing flexibility in controls via direct webpage access. Streaming audio remotely through tabs or PC would be a breeze, and together with other hosts of features required in PA installation, it would set a new standard in the industry. Find out more

Firmware update is now available for MxP2288. Among bug fixes :

- VBT synchronisation
- Remote triggering

Please download the latest firmware at download page


CS210 Ceiling Speaker :

Introducing CS210…a compact and stylish ceiling speaker with 6W 100V line rating is most suitable for installation that demand little physical appearance of speaker yet able to deliver clarity of BGM and EVAC. It comes with 1.5,3 and 6W power tapping, unique installation mechanism and at competitive pricing.
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PMX II Standalone version has been updated to work with Windows 10 (64 bit version). Downloads the upgraded version for free if you are using Window 8 and above. Please download the firmware at download page.




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